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Migration history

I want to tell you something about the migration history of my family, in particular the story of my mother.
She came to Germany from Poland in 1989. She was 19 years old. My mum wanted to get a better job, better education and a better life. It was not that that she did not already have a good life but she lived in a small village and had to work hard. She expected that things would be better in Germany. First she lived with an acquaintance in Haan. Unfortunately she had to help in the household and in return she received food and drink and a place to sleep. Furthermore she worked in a café and in a restaurant running errands.
After a few months she met my father. They fell in love and were very happy.
Some time passed and my uncle decided to come to Germany too. He wanted to get a good job and he did this but he is not here all the time only sometimes. The last person that followed was my cousin. He brought his wife, his daughter and his son with him. They are all very happy here too.
I am very proud of my mother for coming to Germany and becoming so successful. She went to university to become a teacher. I was born in Velbert, Germany but my mother tongue is Polish. I think it is in advantage to grow up in two cultures. Because of that I can speak three languages freely (German, Polish, English) and also a little bit of French. That was my migration history and I hope you enjoyed it.

Nicola Boeken